Who are we helping?

PIFMA's continuous training program is designed to provide benefits to any country, from building and maintaining a newly established educational system to restructuring already established ones to improve efficiency and increase the quality of teaching. 

PIFMA is designed to be implemented not only in developing countries but in developed countries as well where a continuing teaching program is necessary.

Our program guarantees an increase in teachers' proficiency as they are trained to use didactic, methodological and management tools of the ICTs required for teaching. The program also helps acquire skills and abilities that develop logical thinking. 


The program is designed to combine didactic and methodological aspects of teaching to provide an integral training of the teaching staff enabling them to become experts in multiple subjects and guides for the global activity of their students.


The continuous training is carried out through an intelligent and interactive online learning platform,  which includes the contents of the programs of the corresponding educational system along with videos and interactive materials that emphasize the development of the conceptual and didactic aspects associated with the contents and their applications to the solution of practical problems.


In addition, PIFMA provides support for teachers in preparation and organization of the coursework, their daily work with the students, and in the definition of intelligent evaluation criteria.

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