Who are we helping?

PIFMA's continuous training program is designed to help countries in many ways, whether it is to build a completely new educational system or restructure and improve the already existent ones. The main goal behind this program is to increase the efficiency and quality of teaching, thus providing better education for students and giving them an opportunity to pursue their passions and find new areas of interest.

PIFMA is designed to be implemented not only in developing countries but in developed countries as well where a continuing teaching program is necessary.

Our program achieves an increase in teachers' proficiency through the application of didactic, methodological, and management tools to provide integral training of the teaching staff enabling them to become experts in multiple subjects. The program also helps acquire skills and abilities that develop logical thinking. 


The continuous training is carried out through an intelligent and interactive online learning platform, which includes the content of the program of the corresponding educational system along with videos and interactive materials that enable teaching staff to learn to connect theoretical principles to real-life problems.


In addition, PIFMA provides support for teachers in the preparation and organization of the coursework and their daily interactions with students.