Elumee Products

Elumee can be used for creating a learning environment at educational institutions and training centers as well as providing a corporate learning experience.


Elumee offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate the corporate online learning process. It consists of the ElumeeLearn learning portal and the ElumeeSuite course builder. The solution is focused on launching the online learning process as fast as possible.  


Unique features of Elumee platform, ElumeeLearn learning portal, and ElumeeSuite course builder include:

  • Course Builder. With the help of ElumeeSuite, it is possible to create educational content: courses, tests, interactive exercises, and screencasts.

  • Unlimited storage. ElemeeLearn allows users to upload an unlimited number of files. 

  • Smooth integration with other services. ElumeeLearn easily integrates with other client systems through an open API. It could be a personnel system or a corporate portal of a corporation. ElumeeLearn allows integrating with other available services such as WordPress or Zoom conference calls.

  • Fast launch of the platform. The platform does not take long to set up. All it takes is to register, download courses, and invite users. 


Content Support

ElumeeLearn supports e-learning in the SCORM format. Courses that are designed by ElumeeSuite and published in ElumeeLearn allow collecting detailed learning statistics in the xAPI (Tin Can) standard. In addition, ElumeeLearn supports the most popular standards in e-learning: IMS, AICC, and SCORM. xAPI (Tin Can) support is enabled via the Longstore API plugin. 


Presentations, images, videos, and audio files can also be uploaded to the Elumee platform. 

Content Creation

ElumeeSuite course builder, which is an add-on to PowerPoint, is responsible for creating educational content. 


User Management

New users can be registered manually, automatically selected from the CSV file, or invited via e-mail. 

Elumee allows organizing users into groups, enrolling them in courses and curricula, and sending them emails and text messages. When conducting face-to-face training, it is possible to easily create an event in the calendar, with the subsequent entry of the notes into the system. 


Reporting System

ElumeeLearn allows generating eight types of reports. For convenience, reports are divided into the following groups:


  • By tests, dialogues, assignments. From the report, it is easy to identify what mistakes the users made in the test, whether they managed to complete the dialogue simulator, and what they found tricky and difficult in the homework assignment. 

  • By users. From the report, one can find out which users and groups are the most active and what materials they are viewing.

  • By materials. From the report, one can learn about actions performed on the material, how often it was viewed, and a summary of user achievements. 

  • By events. The report summarizes how many events were held and who attended them.

  • By learning programs. From the report, one can learn how well users are performing on the learning courses. 


ElumeeLearn allows one to create and launch a full educational cycle:

  • Creating educational courses and enrolling potential students

  • Developing individual learning maps for users

  • Checking progress through statistics and reports

  • Taking into account in-person training through the calendar