Carmen Patricia Rosas-Colín (PhD)

Didactic and Pedagogy of Teaching

Dr. Carmen Patricia Rosas-Colin holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology obtained at UVM. She obtained her Master's degree in Methodology of Science (CIECAS-IPN) and her Doctorate degree specializing in Educational Mathematics at CINVESTAV. Currently, she works as an educational consultant for high school program, a visiting professor in the Environmental and Development postgraduate program at CIIEMAD-IPN, and an online teacher in bachelor’s degree programs at ULA. 

Dr. Carmen Patricia Rosas-Colin completed research work at the City College of New York (Department of Engineering) and postdoctoral research at the UNAM (Faculty of Psychology). She also conducted cognitive and epistemological studies for science and environmental education, educational assessment, and research training (CIECAS-IPN and Faculty of Psychology, UNAM).

She authored multiple chapters in various specialized books and scientific articles. She has also traveled to multiple countries worldwide to give lectures in congresses and symposia related to her areas of expertise.