The PIFMA cylce

The learning platform contains four interconnected stages:

  1. Initial Training (IT),

  2. Assessment and Feedback (AF),

  3. Individualized Continuous Training (ICT) and

  4. Categorization (CAT).

1. Initial Training

Emphasis is placed on the core aspects to ensure the development of skills and competences of the teacher and help them apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems.


2. Assessment and Feedback

The platform evaluates responses provided by the teachers in the 1st stage and offers feedback by suggesting the contents in which the teachers should reinforce their knowledge in accordance with their individual expertise and area of teaching.


3. Individualized Continuous Training

At the end of the 2nd stage the teachers transition to the 3rd Stage, where they are prompted to choose several subjects to begin their Continuous Training. In addition, teachers are also required to complete some of the core courses that serve as a guide for the training of his students.


4. Categorization

This process of Continuous Teaching Training and Evaluation allows the platform to prepare a procedure, which is refined over time, to classify teachers according to their achievements and their skill sets. The 4th Stage helps categorize the teaching staff considering their individual strengths and weaknesses.

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