The PIFMA learning platform

PIFMA provides access to a dedicated learning platform to enable continuous training of teachers. The platform serves as a basis for the preparation and delivery of classwork material at all educational levels.

PIFMA is supported by a new generation cloud-based digital platform that facilitates learning by combining artificial intelligence with a feedback-based collaborative learning system.

PIFMA does not require an internet connection and can be installed on local networks.

The platform includes materials in the form of:


  • videos,

  • interactive books,

  • didactic and complementary references for content training,

  • introductions, didactic recommendations, summaries and conclusions of different topics,

  • solved exercises, problems, and classwork materials,

all of them available in local languages.

The use of a digital platform associated with PIFMA makes it possible to design metrics and tools to control the teaching-learning process. This is achieved through the constant support of teachers in identifying gaps in the knowledge of their students. The platform also supports changes of educational policies should such be implemented by the authorities.


The artificial intelligence component of the platform enables multiple useful features such as:

  • Identifying the deficiencies of the educational process related to teachers and students, focusing on the ways the material is taught and comprehended.

  • Detecting problems that seem to be challenging to most students.

  • Identifying topics that are the most interesting to students.

  • Grouping teachers and their students by performance levels.

  • Completing a comprehensive strengths/weaknesses analysis of teachers and students

  • Identifying teachers and students with the greatest participation in online activities.


Using the platform, teachers and their students can build their own individualized learning routines, track their progress, collaborate with each other, and adjust their learning habits.