Stages of PIFMA implementation

  • Analyze the curricula and current level of school teachers under the scope of PIFMA.

  • Define a detailed project plan and establish objectives to raise the level of primary and secondary school teachers.

  • Feed the tailored initial training material to the digital platform.

  • Run the initial training program and highlight teachers with outstanding achievements. They may act as collaborators in the further development of the program.

  • Define the categorization criteria.

  • Define the content for the Continuous Training stage.

  • Train local specialists to provide ongoing monitoring and support of the platform.

  • Provide guidance to local specialists and educational authorities on the different stages of the  training program and categorization process:

- Initial training of all teachers participating in the project and their subsequent certification.

- Continuous training of teachers who have successfully completed the initial training.

- Categorization of teachers.

  • Provide quarterly reports to educational authorities showing completed stages and progress made since the implementation of PIFMA into the educational system.

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