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About Elumee

Elumee LLC was founded by an international team of experts in various fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, united by the idea of improving the quality of teaching of natural sciences in middle and high schools across the world.


Elumee LLC has developed various testing methods to determine the level of preparation of secondary school staff for teaching natural sciences.


Professionals at Elumee LLC have created interactive courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology to provide additional training to secondary school teaching staff in order to improve their knowledge and skillset. Interactive courses and teaching methods are consolidated in the PIFMA program.


Elumee LLC has developed an interactive platform Elumee Learn, which allows improving the level of training of teachers on an ongoing basis. Elumee Learn helps automate teacher training and keep track of learning outcomes. Elumee Learn helps automate the assessment of teachers' knowledge and skills and get an objective picture of their competencies in the process of their retraining.


With Elumee Learn, learning is no longer limited to classrooms.

Teachers can take the courses from any device: laptops, tablets, and phones. And with the application for iOS and Android, courses can be studied even without the Internet. That allows teachers access courses, take tests and review any studied material at any convenient time: at home, on the road, in a cafe or during breaks at work.


Elumee Learn collects detailed statistics and helps program coordinators keep track of the progress of the trainees. This also allows program mentors to evaluate the performance of teaching staff at individual schools and communities

What is PIFMA?

PIFMA (Programa Integral para la Formación de Maestros)  is a comprehensive training program designed for teaching professionals and emphasizing advanced training of staff in primary, secondary and upper secondary education (pre-university). The main goal of the program is to increase the level of education and standardize the educational system of a country taking into account already established local conditions.

Our Mission

PIFMA's continuous training program is designed to provide benefits to any country, from building and maintaining a newly established educational system to restructuring already established one to improve efficiency and increase the quality of teaching. 


Educational problems are not exclusive to developing countries.

PIFMA: a solution to ongoing training


  • To provide continuous education and training to improve the performance of the teaching staff.

  • To strengthen the conceptual knowledge by combining theoretical principles and their application with solutions of practical problems.

  • To implement a comprehensive online system, based on an intelligent digital platform, that enables individualized continuous training supported by personalized interaction with the users .

  • To evaluate and stimulate the social and professional contributions of teachers through a comprehensive online categorization system based on an analysis of the skill set of each individual teacher.

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